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Web Design

  • Paper Wireframe
  • Digital Wireframe
  • Low - Fidelity Prototype
  • High - Fidelity Prototype
  • UX Research
  • Landing page design
  • Admin Dashboard design

Web Development

  • HTML, CSS, and vanilla Javascript
  • UI development with React
  • State management with Redux
  • Serverless functions with Nextjs
  • CSS Frameworks: TailwindCss, Bootstrap, MaterialUI
  • VCS with git and github

Domain & Hosting

  • Domain configuration
  • Automated deployments
  • Hosting server setup and configuration

About Us

Netlift Technologies is an affordable web design and development company. We provide responsive web design and development services at a reasonable cost. We make sure our designs are user-friendly, creative, modern, and attractive. Similarly, we also ensure the websites we develop are responsive, fast, and mobile friendly.

Websites have become very important for business growth and expansion and offer massive potential for an increase in revenue. A good website can establish your brand's or business's credibility and visibility. Additionally, Businesses with websites get a clear advantage over their competitors.

Our mission is to boost your brand and business with an attractive and fast-loading website.

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